We never know when a local foodie will show up, but when they do we know that our team will do their very best and the food will be great as always. That was exactly what happened when Dan’s Papers writer Stephanie de Troy showed up!

Check out some of what she had to say about us:

For appetizers, we shared the grilled artichokes and seared Ahi tuna. The project of eating an artichoke is enjoyable in and of itself, much like playing with one’s food. Slightly charred, they had a nice smoky taste, and were so flavorful that I didn’t even use the buttery remoulade sauce. The seared tuna, which we ordered medium-rare, was very fresh, as to be expected from a Shinnecock canal restaurant and full of flavor. It was served on a slender rectangular plate, slices arranged like toppled dominoes, over coleslaw, drizzled with gingery “yummy yummy sauce” and sprinkled with fresh cilantro. The coleslaw puts your Memorial Day picnic slaw to instant shame: very thinly sliced and mixed around with the sauce, it was indeed yummy.

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