We love top 10 (or 9) lists, especially when we are lucky enough to get not one but TWO rankings for our Rumba and CowFish restaurants. Danielle Kornbluh from Spoon University recently did a ranking of The 9 Best Outdoor Restaurants in the Hamptons and wouldn’t you know it, we got numbers 5 and 6!

Here is what they had to say about #5 Rumba:

Rumba has a great inspired island cuisine and rum bar, perfect for a Hamptons night out. Another great deal that is included is Taco Tuesday, it is $10 with a choice of three different types of tacos, or have your own Taco Tuesday.

And here is their review of #6 CowFish:

Feels as if you’re eating on a small island with live music, which sure is lots of fun. It has unique food, including its crab and shrimp remoulade. Crab and shrimp together is always great, especially in quesadillas.

Be sure to check out the whole article to see the rest of the list! Click here to read it now.