Now Available as an Off Season Perk to our Guests

Top 3 Reasons to Take the Rum Bus to Rumba

Starting the Night Off Right

From the moment you step onto the Rum Bus you will be transported to an island vacation. Those double doors swing open and then passing through the tan wooden beads is like hopping in a portal that sets you on a course straight to the Caribbean. With the hand-painted beachscape and the Reggae music playing, it sets tone for a good time.

We’re the Designated Drivers

Let everyone partake and enjoy the drinks without the responsibility of getting the group home. So get another pitcher, order a bottle of wine or go for that after dinner drink because we got you.

Takes Parking Out of the Scenario

As most locals are already aware, parking can be quite challenging in the Hamptons. Valet can help somewhat, but it is definitely not for everyone. Lots are small, cars a big and there is only so much room. All of this can be eradicated with one quick reservation.